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Global Fund for Women

November 2012



Seeds of Change: Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Did you know that women produce 80 percent of the food in Africa, yet they are 60 percent of the hungry? We put African women farmers and their right to a sustainable livelihood at the top of our agenda. After teaching rural women about indigenous plants and organic farming methods, our partners see reduced production costs, improved productivity, and increased household income. Watch the video »

Your Vote Matters!


Thanks to CREDO Mobile's Donation Ballot, we are in the running to receive funds for our work in Sub-Saharan Africa. The amount of money we get depends on you. Voting is quick, easy, and free. Vote for us »

"This is My Life"


Meet our newest and youngest board member, Supriya Pillai. At 19, she discovered her love for women’s organizing at a rural women’s cooperative in the Himalayas and has never looked back. Her commitment to human rights took her to India, West Africa, and most recently to New York as Executive Director of the Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing. Meet Supriya »


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Global Fund for Women

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