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Global Fund for Women

October 2012
Special Edition E-News



Taking Flight: Annual Report 2011-12

As we enter our 25th anniversary year, we share our renewed commitment to create a peaceful world where women’s human rights are respected. We invite you to view a short video that reflects our impressive achievements the past year. Watch our Annual Report video »

Environmental Evolution


When grantee partner Eco-Women in China published a book directly challenging agriculture policies of the world’s biggest, user, producer, and exporter of pesticides, they never expected it to become popular. Little did they know, this 160-page book would change the way Chinese communities protect themselves against pesticides. Learn more »

Emily’s Adventure


Hours of research could never prepare you for 10 days in Turkey, Global Fund for Women style. Follow Emily’s journey as she finds her place in a global women’s movement, and meets women leaders who are changing the world. Meet Emily »

In Honor of Malala

Thank you for honoring Malala. Your support is an important way to ensure brave girls and women are not intimidated and silenced. By standing with courageous girls like Malala, you are sending a message that girls should have the freedom to speak out against injustice and claim their rights to be educated, respected and safe.



Global Fund for Women

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