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Global Fund for Women

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Dear Friend,

Standing up against injustice can often be a lonely and daunting challenge. The women we support are spread across the world, many in remote areas, working only with their local communities.

But once every 3 years there is an amazing opportunity for them to gather with their fellow woman's rights activists from all over the world at the Association of Women in Development’s International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development, otherwise known as AWID, to be held April 19-22 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Can you contribute to help marginalized women attend AWID in April? We have set an ambitious goal of raising $150,000 in the next few weeks to help leading and emerging women’s human rights activists participate in this unique event.

At AWID, women’s rights leaders and activists from over 100 countries come together to strategize, network, celebrate, and learn in a highly charged atmosphere that fosters sustained personal and professional growth.

This is a critical moment for women’s rights. Please donate today to help the next generation of women leaders gain skills, build alliances and reinforce their dedication to fight for their rights.

Delegates who participate not only empower themselves with new tools and resources, but they also, collectively, reinvigorate the gender and development community, strengthen alliances between women, and engage in work and thinking that is truly transformative.

Thank you,

Musimbi Kanyoro
President & CEO

P. S. Please don’t hesitate, your generous gift today will determine how many women we can help attend this important opportunity. Click here to donate on our secure website.


Global Fund for Women

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